DIY Potted Herbs: Another Cute Gift Idea

Lately I’ve been trying to green up our condo. Don’t you feel that things are more homey when you have plants in the house? This could also be because plants remind me of my dad. He has quite the green thumb (and is the only person I know of who can keep a poinsettia alive for more than a year). Every spring, he diligently plants a garden so that we have fresh veggies and herbs all summer long. The other day, I came across an herb starter kit with basil and cilantro (my two favorites) and decided to try my hand at gardening. I also figured, if things went astray I could send them to plant rehab back home.

After a few weeks of consistent watering my plants came up to say hello. While the cilantro was very friendly, the basil was a little shy. (He’s the little guy on the right below.) The pots the kit came with were biodegradable so I wanted to come up with a cute way to re-pot them, which could also help serve as some condo decoration. My friend at Le Chic Elefant, had recently tried a similar project and I was inspired!


DIY Pot Decoration: I decided I wanted to add both chalkboard paint and a touch of color to my pots. This would enable me to match my decor and also allow me to switch out the plants if I ever needed to.

Materials Needed:

Getting ready to begin!

  • Clay pots
  • Acrylic paint color of your choice
  • Paint brush
  • Oaktag or file folder (to make stencil)
  • Chalkboard paint (found at any crafts store)
  • Painters tape


The Fun Part:

First I used a file folder to cut out a design for my chalkboard label. I then used the painters tape to tape it to the clay pot. Since the pots are rounded this can be tricky and requires a bit of patience.

Putting on the stencil for the Chalkboard paint.


I then did two quick coats of chalkboard paint within the stencil. Now this part is important! Remove the stencil as quickly as possible. Do not allow the chalkboard paint any drying time before doing so. As chalkboard paint can be sticky, the paint itself can stick to the stencil  and peel off when the stencil is eventually removed. (Can you tell I learned this the hard way?)

2 quick coats of chalkboard paint


Lastly, for a pop of color I then painted the innermost part of the pot. This is my favorite touch. I think it adds something unexpected. And the end result. What do you guys think?

The end result.

The view from the top- look at that color!


For more ideas and inspiration for your decorated pots check out the below:

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